5 Astros players that have been horrifically unlucky in 2023

Several Astros players have underperformed their expected production in 2023.

Sep 10, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Astros right fielder Kyle Tucker (30) hits his second
Sep 10, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; Houston Astros right fielder Kyle Tucker (30) hits his second / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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Jose Urquidy

There are a number of Astros pitchers that could be on any sort of bad luck list given all of the injuries this season. However, Jose Urquidy gets the nod here because not only did he have to deal with an injury to his shoulder that kept him out for months, but he has also been less than fortunate when he has been on the mound.

In 13 starts this season, Urquidy has posted a 5.98 ERA, but his xERA (4.62), FIP (5.18), and xFIP (5.45) are all better than what has actually happened this season. Other than bad luck and small sample size weirdness due to his injury, Urquidy gets some of the blame here as he has seen his walk rate jump this season. Urquidy has never really been a strikeout guy, so when there are a lot of balls in play, the BABIP against you is .317, AND there are more baserunners than usual, bad things can happen.

Jose Abreu

Ah yes, the elephant in the room is Jose Abreu and his frustrating 2023 season. For starters, Abreu got off to a pretty rough start as he has dealt with a back injury off and on for most of this season. When a player relies on being explosive at the plate, it is hard to do that when you have a legitimate back problem. So far, Abreu has just a .235 batting average and a .289 wOBA in 2023 which are both career lows for him by a mile.

However, his expected stats tell a slightly different story. Abreu's .306 xWOBA is 17 points higher than his actual wOBA and his current actual batting average is nine points lower than his xBA. Those expected numbers are still not good to be clear, but it does seem like Abreu's bad luck this season extended beyond his struggles with his health this season.

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