4 outfielders the Astros absolutely need to target this offseason

The Astros have some areas of need to address in free agency. A veteran outfielder would go a long way to improving their roster for 2024.
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#2 Jorge Soler

The Astros are intimately familiar with Jorge Soler. The 2021 World Series MVP hit three home runs and drove in six runs while leading the Braves over the Astros.

Soler has a $9 million player option, and coming off of a 36 home run season, it's likely Soler declines said option. He is already 31, and unlike the Corey Seager and Aaron Judge's of the world, doesn't play defense every day. He won't command a long-term deal.

The Astros were lacking in power this year, and while Soler strikes out more often than the typical Astro, his pop is too much to be ignored. Soler would offer protection for Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker that they just didn't have this season.

He's a bit riskier than Gurriel Jr. would be. At times he has been one of the most feared hitters in the game (2016 and his short stint with Atlanta in 2021 for instance), but at other times has been a strikeout machine battling injury (2017 and 2022).

If the Soler of this season shows up next year in an Astros uniform, the Astros have the best lineup in baseball. He wouldn't be the typical Astros move in free agency, but could push them over the top.