4 manager candidates the Astros should avoid like the plague

As the Astros look to replace Dusty Baker, they should ensure these four names don't come near Houston's dugout.
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Joe Maddon

In Chandler Rome's aforementioned piece of managerial candidates, he named Maddon, mostly because Crane likes to make a splash.

Hiring Maddon would make a splash. But it would be of the belly flop off the high-dive variety.

Maddon was recently fired from the Angels because of his refusal to embrace analytics. If he won't get on board with one of the most behind the times organizations in the game, how would he be expected to embrace Houston?

Winning a ring is hard, and Maddon deserves some credit for winning one and helping end the Cubs curse. But the Cubs core was supposed to be the next dynasty. They were Houston before Houston. They never came close to winning anything meaningful under Maddon's watch and the core was torn apart in short order.

What Houston has built is sustainable. If they want to continue their sustainable model, Maddon is not the move.