4 former Astros Players We're Glad Are No Longer With the Club

Houston Astros v Oakland Athletics
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The Houston Astros seem to be one of the most efficient teams in Major League Baseball when it comes to bringing new players into the organization. Whether it's via amateur draft, free agent signing or trade acquisition, very rarely have there been misfires from the club over the past decade or so.

Since the Astros' rise to prominence began, the team has won two World Series championships in under 10 years. Through and through, it's one of the best-run organizations in the game.

As close to perfect as a team can be, we all know that nobody is perfect, especially in this game.

Let's break down 4 former Astros players that we are glad moved on from the team.

No. 4: RHP Jake Odorizzi

Odorizzi, a longtime member of the Tampa Bay Rays, has been a decent starter over the course of his 11-year career, but has never been able to elevate his game to the next level.

Coming off of a 2019 All-Star Game selection and an injury-riddle 2020 season, he signed a two-year, $23.5M contract with the Astros prior to the 2021 season and just never fully found his footing in Houston.

In the next two years, he made 36 appearances and wasn't able to gain the trust of Astros fans during his tenure on the club. He went 10-10 with a 4.04 ERA in 164+ innings and had a 102 ERA+, which technically is above league-average, but was a bit too erratic for fans to watch and was an easy trade candidate last year.

Sure enough, he was flipped to the Braves in exchange for left-handed reliever Will Smith and once he joined Atlanta, he had his doors blown off, posting a 5.24 ERA and 5.14 FIP in 46+ innings, further proving that he may have lost his way and was absolutely undeserving of a spot in Houston.