4 former Astros failing miserably with their new team in 2023

The Astros definitely dodged a few bullets with some of the players that they let leave.
Jun 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Justin Verlander (35) acknowledges
Jun 19, 2023; Houston, Texas, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Justin Verlander (35) acknowledges / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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The Houston Astros generally do a good job of picking which players they choose to bet on to keep around for the long haul. Sure, their offers don't always work out as owner Jim Crane keeps his hands firmly on the Astros' purse strings. However, the players that they make any amount of effort towards are usually the right ones.

Despite his recent injury, signing Yordan Alvarez to a contract extension worth six years and $115 million is looking like an absolute bargain. While the extension they gave Alex Bregman back in 2019 hasn't looked as good of late, he has still way outperformed what the Astros have paid him. Even the recent extension that they handed out to Cristian Javier is looking quite nice especially given how high free agent prices have risen.

However, not only have the Astros given out some deals that have worked out very well, they have mostly avoided giving out bad deals. Granted, the Jose Abreu deal isn't looking particularly awesome at the moment, but even that is only a three year deal. If that is the worst deal Houston has on their payroll, they are doing better than most teams in the league.

Here are the former Houston Astros that are failing with their new teams

You need more proof? One only need to look at some of the players that the Astros allowed to leave in free agency. You don't have to look long to realize that it would not have been hard for Houston to have their payroll clogged with underperforming players that would have kept them from making better deals down the line.

Lets get to the former Astros that are struggling mightily with their new teams.