4 Astros players that have been major disappointments this season

Not everything has gone right for the Houston Astros this season.

Houston Astros v Baltimore Orioles
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It is hard to be too upset if one is a fan of the Houston Astros right now. Coming off an AL pennant in 2021 and winning the World Series last year, the Astros are firmly in the thick of things yet again in 2023. They are just one game back in a surprisingly competitive AL West division this year and currently are relatively safe as a wild card team as well.

However, not everything has gone to plan in 2023. A host of injuries to really important Astros have made things far more interesting than they needed to be at times in including Yordan Alvarez, Lance McCullers Jr., Luis Garcia, Jose Altuve, and others. It is hard to compete at the highest levels under normal circumstances. When a big chunk of your core has trouble staying healthy, a team's depth and resolve are really put to the test.

The Astros' troubles haven't only been limited to injuries, though. Several Astros players have just not played to the level that fans have come to expect. In some cases, some of them have been downright disappointing.

Here are 4 Astros players that have been very disappointing during the 2023 season

To be clear, this isn't a scathing indictment of these players as human beings nor are these guys beyond redemption as players. Some are guys nearing the end of really successful careers that have just fallen off while others are an adjustment or two away from being really useful players again. Guys' performances from the 2023 season are the only things being looked at here.

Let's take a look at some of the Houston Astros players who have let fans and the team down in 2023.