3 ways the Lucas Giolito trade just complicated the Astros' trade deadline plans

The Houston Astros have a lot to think about now that the Angels are officially going for it at the trade deadline.

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The pitching market just got thinner for the Astros

Finally, a deeper look at the pitching market is required here. Aside from the Angels increasing the demand side of the equation at the deadline, the Giolito trade obviously impacted the supply side as well. Lucas Giolito was arguably the best starting pitcher available at the deadline especially if you narrow it to just rentals and he is off the market now. While Lopez wasn't quite as integral to the bullpen market, that is still one less arm left now in a segment of the market that had already been moving a bit.

Moreover, the trade also had the added fallout of bringing the White Sox's plans into focus. While they are still likely to move some relievers and Lance Lynn, the White Sox are squashing any suggestion that they are going to trade Dylan Cease at the deadline which is a bummer for the Astros as Cease was a key potential target for Houston.

There are benefits in waiting close to the trade deadline to make one's moves. Asking prices, especially for rentals and teams that are going nowhere, generally come down as the days until the deadline turn into hours. There is also the chance that more sellers enter the market as fringe contenders fall out of it.

However, the downside is that the more aggressive teams can end up getting the choice talent on the trade market. Not only can that impact the prices for all players in a given demographic like what could happen here, but it could mean that the Astros will be picking from the scrap heap.

In the end, the Astros are still likely to be able to get some pitching at the trade deadline that will improve the roster and insulate them from injury issues. However, the pitching market just got thinner and it is only going to get worse.

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