3 Potential Pitchers the Houston Astros should look to acquire at the deadline to replace Lance McCullers Jr.

The Astros need another top arm they can rely on in the playoffs
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Corbin Burnes, Houston Astros
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Corbin Burnes, SP, Brewers

The Houston Astros would be very excited to have a former Cy-Young available at the deadline for them to acquire. If the Milwaukee Brewers keep tanking, they could find themselves sellers at the deadline and with Corbin Burnes on a one-year contract, he would be a trade piece. The NL central has been very weak this season so chances are slim but there is a chance, especially with the surging Reds.

Burnes would add a good amount of veteran experience to a young rotation as he has pitched in the playoffs a few different times, and has more experience than Giolito in that realm. Burnes is having an off year but the Astros pitching staff is known for turning guys into gems and could likely turn around the career 3.32 ERA and 1.064 WHIP pitcher who is currently sitting at a 3.96 ERA with a 1.150 WHIP. His strikeout numbers are way down this year but the rest of his averages are on par with past performance, suggesting he can turn it around. The Astros would have a gem if they can both trade for him and sign him longer term, but it will cost them.