3 pitchers the Houston Astros should focus their trade deadline efforts on

With 2 star pitchers down, the Astros should add one for their playoff run

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The Houston Astros will be at full strength in their lineup soon and hitting fears will dissipate as Yordan returns to the lineup.   The emergence of Yainer Diaz and the solid play of Chas McCormick really have shown the Astros fans they don’t need another big bat, as was reported before, but rather another shut down starting pitcher.  

Jose Altuve is back to his old self and his hard hit percentage and exit velocity are improved from last year.  He will get his, and his numbers will show up as they always do in the playoffs.  Altuve’s health is the biggest concern but the Astros have gotten along well without him, so if he needs to take a day or two a week off until the playoffs, it won’t hurt the lineup too much.  He is expected to return to the team soon and I think if he takes it easy to finish out the season and get ready for the playoffs, the Astros will still be in a good spot.  

Jose Urquidy and Yordan Alvarez are on their way back as well but the Astros still need an arm to add to the rotation with the loss of Garcia  for the season and Verlander to free agency.  Where would they target, here are 3 options they need to consider.