3 moves Astros must make immediately after Winter Meetings

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Get the story straight on who's going to play center field

Dana Brown and Joe Espada might be on the same page about improving base-running being a priority for the team, but they may not be on who's going to spend the most time in center field. Brown shut down Jake Meyers trade rumors while he was at Winter Meetings and added that Meyers would get the most appearances in center field. Espada, on the other hand, seemed to allude to some competition from Chas McCormick, with an audition for lead center fielder taking place over the course of spring training. It was also suggested that Mauricio Dubón, who won a Gold Glove as a utility man, was going to get some time in center.

This could be a very easy thing to remedy. Brown could pull rank on Espada and insist on Meyers in center field. It might be that wires just got crossed, and neither knew what the party line was supposed to be. Still, if it is a problem for the organization, they should get it handled ahead of the new season. Meyers, McCormick, and Dubón probably will all get time in center field during spring training, just by virtue of the experimentation teams like to go through during it, but they should still have a better idea on what the outfield will look like on a regular basis next season.

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