3 Houston Astros roster holes that need to be addressed by the trade deadline

Minnesota Twins v Houston Astros
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Adding one more starting pitcher would be a huge help for the Astros.

With the amount of injuries that have accumulated in the Astros' starting rotation, they are apparently in the market for one more starter. In fact, rumor has it that they're aiming high and going for one of the top available starters in the league.

Scoring Shane Bieber in a trade with the Cleveland Guardians would be a huge get for the Astros. However, it would also be an expensive one. But as baseball fans we all know that you have to give talent to get talent in trade deadline deals, so perhaps this would be worth it for Houston?

Bieber, 28, is still arb eligible and is not even able to become a free agent until the conclusion of next season which, again, makes his value shoot upwards. You know what you're getting with him, though, so additional control over one of the best starters in the league is a major win for an acquiring club.

So far this year, the right-hander is 4-3 through 13 outings and 80.2 innings, posting a 3.57 ERA and 115 ERA+. His strikeout numbers have dipped quite a bit (6.1 SO/9 compared to 8.9 last year and 12.5 the year before), but he continues to be one of the premier talents in the AL. Even though some of his numbers have dropped a bit since last year, Bieber remains one of the top pitchers around and he is most definitely the best available starter in this year's trade market.