3 Concerns Astros fans have prior to the ALDS 

The Astros have a lot of hope but some serious concerns get in the way
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners
Houston Astros v Seattle Mariners / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Concern #2 - Hitting Consistency

The Astros have been streaky at best this season with run production.  Their offense has pop but when it’s off it’s really off, hence the Royals series at the end of the season.  The biggest concern with regards to their bats is will the non-superstar players give the big bats enough opportunities to have a big impact on the game.  

The top four of the Astros order will be tough for any pitcher to get through but if the bottom of the order can’t produce it could spell trouble.  Jeremy Peña’s sophomore slump could spell part of that trouble along with the unknown’s at catcher, centerfield, and first base.  Jose Abreu finished the season hot so if he can continue that into the postseason, some of those fears will dissipate.  

Yainer Diaz’ role is a big question mark as we know that Dusty will lean on Maldonado for the starting catcher role.  With Maldonado hitting that is almost an automatic out at the bottom of the order and if you pair that with any player that struggles in the playoffs then opposing pitchers can cruise and get into a rhythm.   Dubon can be good or he could be terrible as in years past but we do know he will have many chances to play.