3 Changes We'd Already Make to the Houston Astros

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Changes? After only seven games? Are we crazy over here?

Not quite. yes, the season has 155 games left. Yes, some guys are still ramping up after shortened springs or stints in the WBC. Yes, some key pieces are missing with injuries. That doesn't mean some tweaks can't be made to help weather injury storms and ensure the best possible team takes the field each day.

Here are the three changes we'd make to the Astros in 2023.

Luis Robert Jr., Mauricio Dubon
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1) DFA Mauricio Dubon

The Astros are 3-4 heading into their first off day of the season. Their common denominator in all four losses? Mauricio Dubon. Dubon has appeared in four games this season, and Houston has lost all four.

The reigning champs simply can’t continue to let Dubon take the field at second base in Altuve’s absence. It's time for the Dubon experiment to end.

Dubon still can’t hit and has had multiple defensive plays that David Hensley likely makes, including a later overturned error that shouldn’t have been overturned.

If Houston is to weather the storm in Altuve’s absence, David Hensley needs to be the everyday second baseman until Jose can return. The offense needs more pop until Altuve and Brantley are back, and Dubon's defense isn't enough to justify keeping him in the lineup.

Houston needs to open another roster spot and let some of their other prospects take a shot. They can't be all that much worse.