3 Astros players we'll be glad are gone in 2024 and 2 we will wish stayed

There are definitely some pros and cons to some of the Astros' losses this offseason.
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game One
Championship Series - Texas Rangers v Houston Astros - Game One / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages
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The Houston Astros were pretty fortunate to not lose too many players to free agency after the 2023 season. That picture could soon change, with Alex Bregman set to become a free agent next offseason, and Kyle Tucker and Framber Valdez potentially following him the year after, but Houston does at least return most of the team that got them to the seventh game of the ALCS last year.

Unfortunately, not every player is returning, as that in the nature of the beast that is baseball. Some players went in search of more money and/or greener pastures, while others' time with the Astros just came to a natural end. For some, their absence will be noteworthy, and Houston will have their work cut out for them to replace their production. For others, moving on from them could turn into addition by subtraction.

With that in mind, here are a few former Astros players that the team (and their fans) could end up missing in 2024, as well as a couple that they will be glad they moved on from.

Michael Brantley was a fantastic Astros OF, but it was time for a change

Michael Brantley was a tremendous player throughout his career and especially in Houston. From 2019-2022, Brantley averaged a .306/.368/.464 slash line while establishing himself both as a cornerstone of the Astros' lineup and a leader in Houston's clubhouse. Among all of the moves that the Astros have made in the last several years, going out and signing Brantley ranks among their absolute best additions.

Unfortunately, Brantley's body just gave out on him in 2023, and there was a real concern that the organization's affection for him could have led to him hanging around longer than he should have. Luckily, he hit free agency and ultimately decided to retire after 15 seasons in the big leagues.

Brantley calling it a career works out better for everyone in the long run. The Astros get to finally start planning for the future at a key offensive spot while also providing some needed lineup flexibility, fans get to remember Brantley for the player he was and not what he had regressed into, and Brantley gets to enjoy time with his loved ones and leave the game on his own terms. Hats off to a retirement well earned, sir.