Grading Each Move the Astros Made at the Deadline

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Houston Astros, James Click
Houston Astros, James Click /


In sum, the Houston Astros did what they had to do at the 2022 trade deadline. They upgraded at multiple positions, and while they didn’t make a move to upgrade at center field over the struggling Jake Meyers (Click said the team will continue to try to work with him), it was announced that the team is optimistic about Michael Brantley returning at some point this season.

Just because they didn’t get the best players on the market doesn’t mean this deadline shouldn’t be viewed as a success from Houston’s perspective. They gained strength in areas where they had a competitive disadvantage, kept all of their top prospects, and also managed to hold onto their controllable major league talent. The top-seed Yankees made more moves and it’s tough to say the Astros gained ground on them, but they were still an excellent team going into this week and they came out of it even better. They didn’t get it done in the flashiest way, but at first glance, it appears to be “mission accomplished” for the Houston Astros this trade deadline.

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