What will the Astros Nike City Connect Jersey look like?

Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

MLB announced that the Astros will have a Nike City Connect Jersey for the 2022 season.

Nike City Connect Jerseys were debuted by a few teams last year and are meant to portray the team’s bond with their city. The Houston Astros will debut theirs on field April 20, but the team is expected to debut the jersey online some time soon.

There were seven debuted jerseys. last season, which you can check out here. Most of the jerseys portrayed the spirit of the city and kept the main colors of the ball club with the exception of Miami and Boston.

Personally, I think all of them are fantastic, with the exception of the Chicago Cubs’ “Wrigleyville,” which I find to be quite bland and non-creative whatsoever. The San Francisco Giants’ Nike City Connect Jersey are not horrible but are not the best.

I like the ‘G’ logo with the white jersey, but I do not like the bridge on the sleeves. They could have done something better with the bridge and trolley theme. My favorite out of the seven jerseys has to be that of the Chicago White Sox, which embodied the city they play in, but also their fans, with the “Southside” logo on the front. The black coloring with the subtle gradient also just pops.

This is where things get interesting. When news first dropped that the Astros would be getting a jersey, I started to think what embodies the city of Houston and the Astros’ bond.

Some ideas that came to mind were the Astrodome, Space City, the Houston Oilers, the Houston Buffaloes, Downtown Houston and the train. I don’t think the Astrodome will be used, as the franchise has already used it a ton and their name is the Astros.

I would’ve said the Oilers theme would be used, but the Houston Rockets had a light blue jersey based on it this previous year for their Nike City Edition Jersey, so I don’t think that gets used either.

Not many people know about the Buffaloes, so that probably won’t get used either. So that leaves us with the space theme, Downtown Houston and the train. As I was thinking this through, the Astros posted this tweet:

As I suspected, I think this photo encompasses the space theme, as well as the downtown Houston skyline. I also believe that this means the jersey will be debuted online on April 10, which is 10 days prior to their on field debut.

There has been an image going around twitter of a proposed jersey, that may or may not be a leak. I don’t think this is the actual jersey, as it doesn’t have the skyline, but I really like the stars theme that it has going on.

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Something similar to that with potentially different sleeves, that also encompasses the skyline, could be wonderful. As the “jersey guy” at Climbing Tal’s Hill, I am very excited about this jersey, and I expect it to be wonderful.