Houston Astros Fantasy Baseball Draft Primer

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The fantasy baseball season is upon us, and the Houston Astros have several highly-rated players and knowing how and when to draft them could be the key to your success. Below, I will detail my projections for players and where I think players are over or under-rated and potential rounds they should be drafted in.

However, as always with fantasy, these projects are always subject to the people you draft with, and if there is a run on second basemen, you better believe Jose Altuve could not even make it to your pick.

Hopefully, these projections will help figure out the correct round range to draft each Astros starter.

To kick off Astros fantasy baseball picks, let’s take a look at the top selections.

Jose Altuve

Altuve is ranked 48th according to Yahoo Sports fantasy ranking and will likely be off the board after the first three or four rounds. As the sixth-ranked second baseman and with a trend that typically favors top pitchers and middle infielders first, Altuve could be a steal if he falls to your fifth round.

Alex Bregman

Although he is ranked 51st overall and seventh among third basemen, Bregman could be worth much more this season. I am projecting a comeback, so the fourth round is likely where he falls, where he could be a steal.

Yordan Alvarez

The fourth-ranked outfielder and 20th overall player, Alvarez could be a top-two round pick, as he could be both a first baseman and an outfielder on the roster with high-average production numbers. In a rotisserie league, the lefty could be the second ranked outfielder in MLB.

Kyle Tucker

Tucker could be on a collision course with a bid for an MVP award, if he continues his progression the past two years. The lefty could easily be a 40 home run, 120+ RBI guy, while he will likely be hitting fifth behind Altuve, Bregman and Alvarez.

He will probably be the second Astro off the board and could argue to be first since he is ranked 10th on Yahoo’s rankings.