American League West Win Totals Favor Astros, Fans Agree

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The Astros are favorites to win the American League West, but who it trailing the reigning AL champions?

It’s no surprise the Houston Astros are seen as the odds on favorite in the American League West headed into the 2022 season, but just what are the expectations and what’s the distance between the Astros and the other AL West teams?

It’s important to keep in mind that these numbers are set by the betting market and not baseball analysis. If more money is bet on the Astros, the wins are going to go higher, whether or not there is any move on their roster. The goal of the oddsmakers is to have half of the bets on each side of the bet.

At WynnBet, the Astros are pegged to win 92.0 games, three less than their 2021 regular season total. It should be no surprise that most of those that follow me on Twitter believe the Astros will clear that bar, with one even pegging Houston for “102 or 103” wins.

In general, most, but not all, Astros fans that responded were going with the over.

Ninety-two seems logical that last season’s team lost several pieces and had several injuries.  Sure, you get a 39-year-old Justin Verlander back, but you’ve lost Lance McCullers Jr., at least temporarily, and Jake Meyers for a few months.

I would personally go over at 92, but not by much until there is some finality to the Carlos Correa situation.

Coming in second behind the Astros are the revamped Seattle Mariners at 86.5 wins. Kyle Seager retired and Yusei Kikuchi is gone, but the Mariners added Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suarez to a team that many believe overachieved last season and will revert back to the mean.

The Angels are anticipated to finish over .500 for the first time since 2015 with 84.5 wins.

The Rangers apparently spent north of a half a billion dollars to get out of the cellar, but not by much, with their number coming in at 73.0 wins, while the A’s, who are selling everything that’s not nailed down come in a half game lower at 72.5 wins, which seems a bit optimistic for Oakland at this point and it’s likely to only get worse.

A lot happens during the season and injuries are a huge factor in whether or not teams meet the preseason number or not, that’s why it’s called gambling. A sure thing in March, can turn into a disaster in July very easily.

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By now those that read my writings know one of my favorite sayings — it’s not if injuries happen, but when and how bad are they?