4 trades the Astros should consider in 2022

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Once the 2022 Major League Baseball happens or if it happens, here are five trades that I think would help the Houston Astros contend for a World Series. I have also included a theoretical timeline as to when the trade could or should happen.

No. 4: The Astros could add an All-Star caliber center fielder.

I think Jose Siri is the center fielder of the future, and I also believe that a Jake Myers, Chas McCormick and Siri tandem works great just the way it does. This is why I doubt this trade happens.

However, if down the stretch these guys just aren’t getting it done, general manager James Click could absolutely make a trade for a replacement. In my opinion, the best fit would be Bryan Reynolds of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

He’s only 27-years-old, so the Astros would have to give up a piece (or two) of the tandem, as well as a few big prospects to get him. The Pirates will not be competing for awhile, but since Reynolds is young and is not a free agent until 2026, it will depend on whether Pittsburgh thinks he will stick around long enough for them to be a contender.

This trade would probably take place right before the deadline, as it requires the tandem to not be performing well.