Astros: 4 trades to avoid after the MLB lockout ends

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Houston Astros, Jose Siri, Chas McCormick
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Chas McCormick

I’m president of the ‘Chas McCormick Fan Club,’ but even I recognize that Jake Meyers, when healthy, has earned the starting job in center.

That means it’s tempting to ship McCormick somewhere he can play full-time, much like the Astros did with Myles Straw, and get a reliever to bolster the bullpen losses of the offseason.

There are a couple of problems with this, the first being Meyers is not healthy and we don’t have an idea of when he is expected to return. Also, while Meyers is off to a good start at the major-league level, no one knows how he’ll handle the grind of a full season or if he’s ready for prime time.

McCormick is also a versatile fielder that can play all three outfield positions well, can run and hit with power.  Don’t underestimate the importance of a reserve outfielder being able to play every position well.

Jose Siri

In my world, Siri is third in line for center field and why would the Astros need three center fielders? For one, see the McCormick details for the need to have a backup plan if Meyers doesn’t become all that.

Siri has a lower floor and higher ceiling than either Meyers or McCormick. I could see him either flaming out or becoming an All-Star as he matures. Maturity is the key.

While I love the reckless abandon Siri plays with, I prefer it be limited to bat flips and not outfield collisions, of which there seemed to be several in Siri’s minimal MLB action.  Give him time to mature and you may have a more valuable asset down the road.

At some point, it seems obvious McCormick or Siri or both will be on the block, but with the Meyers injury I don’t see that time as now.