2 buy-low candidates Astros can sign for a 1-year deal

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Corey Dickerson
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Corey Dickerson’s tie to Click and outfield versatility could appeal to the Astros.

The Astros enter the 2022 season with a young centerfield group and an injured Jake Meyers, but the addition of Corey Dickerson could stir the pot on options for the regular season.

Although Dickerson has never played outside of the outfield, adding a first baseman’s tool could be a forethought. The right-hander does not have any innings at the position during his nine-year career, but neither did Souza, who was granted innings at first at spring training in 2021.

Dickerson, 32, has a decent bat with a career-OPS of .815 but has slipped beneath the league average the last two seasons.

Dickerson has a better case for a major-league deal, and with his ties to Click in Tampa and experience in the outfield, the left-hander wouldn’t be a costly addition, if the Astros don’t want to spend big on outfield options this offseason.