6 reasons to get excited about the Astros in 2022

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Houston Astros, Jose Altuve
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Jose Altuve

In his last two full seasons (2019 and 2021), Altuve has slammed 31 home runs in each and had an OPS+ of 131 and 127, respectively.  But it’s not just the results that have us excited, it’s the joy and reckless abandon the Venezuelan plays the game with, even at age 31.

My son and I have a running joke when we see someone flail wildly at a pitch at eye level or in the dirt and we guess where Altuve would have hit that one.  He’s one of those, “No, no, no…YES!” kind of players that come along a couple times in your fandom.

These days there’s a lot of professional athletes that appear unhappy or unsatisfied with the game they once loved, but not Altuve, who appears to enjoy every moment of being on the field, in the clubhouse or representing Houston in general.

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If you can’t get excited to watch Altuve play, then get your pulse checked, because you’re likely dead.