Despite Lockout Astros Alex Bregman Continues his Comeback Trail

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Despite the lockout and no use of team facilities, Alex Bregman continues on his comeback journey with exit velocity swing focus.

Throughout the summer, Houston Astros Alex Bregman was working through an injury that left him far from his prime in the postseason.

Bregman, who had back-to-back All-Star selections in 2018 and 2019, saw his power diminish to a more than 100 point drop between those years and 2021.

The right-hander has been working on a comeback from his injury, filling his offseason with at-home and non-team facility workouts.

Primer players like Bregman are finding any way possible to stay at the top of their game during this lockout and Bregman as of late is looking more like his old self.

Bregman has been hitting the cage hard and throwing to stay on top of things while at home. This past week in addition to workouts with teammates and his trainer, Bregman went to the Marucci headquarters in Louisiana to test bats.

Marucci used in-depth technology to fit Bregman with the best bat to get him the highest possible exit velocity. Through a trial of several different weight distributions, Marucci set him up with the best bat for his current status which is not 100 percent.

Bregman’s YouTube video provides much more depth, but simply put, the bat he walked away with allowed him to barrel up the ball the best among other designs.

Overall, I was encouraged to see the work Bregman has done to comeback better than before.

His work ethic is second-to-none and the few solid swings we could watch during his trial reminded me of the old All-Star version of Bregman, swinging with confidence and strength and explosion from his lower third.

I can only imagine this hard work will continue to pay dividends throughout the lockout and Bregman will have a monster season this coming year if the injury bug stays away.

I am not big on predicting stats, especially with a truncated season looming with the lockout, but either way I will say the way he looks now he could average the following: one double every four games, one home run every 4-5 games along with three quarters RBI per-game on average.

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Those stats would be huge numbers and put him on another All-Star level pace, which fans don’t doubt based on Bregman’s history.