Former Astros Chances at Entering Hall of Fame

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Andy Pettitte

Another pitcher who spent three seasons with the Astros from 2004-2006 is Andy Pettitte. Unfortunately the other thing he has in common with Roger Clemens is his association with performance enhancing drugs which will prevent some voters from ever casting a vote for him.

Pettitte was part of what is now the second best era in Astros baseball history behind the one we are presently in.  He was a very consistent reliable starter throughout his career, but when you look at his overall resume there’s nothing that truly jumps out at you.

Three all-star appearances, a rookie of the year award, but no Cy Young awards, no ERA titles. He’s comparable to former teammate Mike Mussina, but the difference is Mussina did not have the baggage of steroid association.

Unfortunately, his most famous moment as an Astro was his reaction to Albert Pujols’ 2005 game five NLCS home run saying “Oh my gosh” as the ball left the bat. He was a solid player for both our team and in the league, but I don’t see him making the climb to the hall.