Former Astros Chances at Entering Hall of Fame

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Billy Wagner

Known as “Billy the Kid” during his major league tenure for firing 100 mph bullets down the heart of the plate, Billy Wagner is very deserving of a spot and has time to make the jump to 75 percent. He is one of the most dominant closers of all-time and unlike everyone else on this list is most associated for his time with the Astros, having pitched for the team from 1995-2003.

Baseball-Reference compares him most to Aroldis Chapman which makes sense as they’re both hard throwing lefties with fastball-slider combos. It’s hard to remember considering most people associate 90’s-2000’s relief pitching with Mariano Rivera’s cutter or Trevor Hoffman’s changeup, but Wagner had 100 MPH heat with a devastating slider coming from the left side. Essentially he was Chapman before Chapman.

Wagner had six All-Star selections in his career and is sixth all-time in saves. He won’t be getting in this year but if he does get in eventually, it will most likely be as an Astro giving the team a third hall of famer.