Astros: Alex Bregman says he can play shortstop at an All-Star level

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Alex Bregman battled injury in the Houston Astros‘ 2020 season, as he hit the injured list with hamstring discomfort for over a week. The All-Star third baseman was nipped with similar issues in 2021, while a quad strain held him out the longest period of time in his short-career.

Bregman, then, underwent hand surgery this offseason, while it was recently reported as wrist surgery. The right-hander broke down his recent injury update on The Schwabcast among other topics, as he also offered insight on his ability to play shortstop next season.

Alex Bregman says he can play shortstop next season, if called by the Astros to do so.

Bregman has identified his athleticism as something he needs to bring back to his game for the ’21 season. The 27-year-old felt like a shortstop playing third base in 2018 and 2019, but in 2020, he felt like a third baseman playing third base.

With Carlos Correa still on the market, Bregman wants the Astros to re-sign the two-time All-Star, of course, but he isn’t against the call to shortstop, if the team asks him to.

"“Yeah, I’d play it at an All-Star level,” Bregman responded."

Bregman was drafted out of Louisiana State University as a shortstop with the second-overall pick in 2015, and while playing the position in the minor leagues, he has picked up most of his major-league innings at short in lieu of an injured Correa in 2019.

Shortstop is a position that Bregman has 966 major-league innings at, while holding zero Defensive Runs Saved. Zone and range have been a worry for some fans, as Bregman’s Ultimate Zone Rating by FanGraphs is -3.8 which isn’t comparable to the defense that Correa had in 2021 (2.9 UZR).

While wanting to bring this back to his game and possibly play shortstop, Bregman’s hand injury could have also been tampering with his defense. He pointed out that he has been dealing with fatigue on his throwing hand for as early as May 2021.

Bregman received a shot in his hand during his rehab assignment to ease the pain, while he returned to the majors with an injured hand and coming off soft tissue worries. He said those injuries are now behind him, and he feels as good as he did in 2018.

Like Lance McCullers Jr.’s injury recovery, Bregman pointed out that he cannot train or contact team doctors during the lockout. The third baseman notes that the staff is consisted of some of the best in the world, and he needs their guidance in his recovery.

With injuries in the rearview mirror, Bregman is focused on another postseason run for the Astros in 2022, while he pointed to the overall success of the franchise in the past five years. Although not his vibrant self consistently over the last two seasons, the 27-year-old promises that he will be back.

"“The kid will be back,” Bregman chuckled. “It’s been a minute since I have had that kind of fun (2018-2019).”"

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Bregman is one that lets the fanbase know how he is progressing physically on social media, while also interacting with positive and negative feedback. He told the Schwab brothers that he wants to play for those that believe in him, and that the All-Star doesn’t care about those who boo him.