Astros: 4 Different Center Field Routes with Marte Signing Elsewhere

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Should the Astros trade for a center fielder?

There’s another line of thinking that says with either Meyers or McCormick the Astros will be below average offensively in center. There are projections that indicate this to be the case.

However, there are also projections that show Meyers and McCormick combining for 24 home runs, so it depends on what source you trust, if any. If you’re on the “Astros need to make a trade” even with a healthy Meyers, Cedric Mullins is a center fielder that’s reportedly on the trading block.

For Mullins in particular, and likely any starting caliber center fielder, the price may be too high for what theoretically would be a short-term solution, if you see Jake Meyers as your eventual full-time center fielder.

And for those on the “trade for Byron Buxton train,” the center fielder signed a team friendly extension with the Minnesota Twins on Sunday. The deal feels like a steal for the Twins, while Buxton gets a few escalators and a full no-trade clause.

At the end of the day, do the Astros have enough assets to even consider this option and would they want to give up major-league assets and likely deplete their minor league talent for a short term solution?  My guess is no to both, but if the answer is yes, then what happens when Meyers returns?