Astros: 10 Key Stats for Astros vs. Red Sox ALCS

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8) Team Pitching Staff ERA

The ’21 Red Sox pitching staff turned in a 4.26 ERA on the season. While that number squeamishly rests above 4.00, the Astros pitching staff finished the season with a 3.76 ERA.

What’s more, Houston pitched 26 more innings than the Red Sox in their respective 162-game seasons, and still managed to edge out Boston’s hurlers by a significant margin. In effect, Houston pitchers collectively averaged giving up exactly half a run less per nine innings than their Red Sox counterparts.

Advantage: Astros

9) Surrendered Home Runs per Nine Innings Pitched

Fans dig the long ball. How do the Astros and Red Sox compare in giving up home runs? Houston gave up 1.16 home runs per nine innings, while the Red Sox surrendered 1.12. While neither mark ranks as excellent, Boston’s pitching staff slightly earns the upper hand in keeping the ball in the ballpark.

Advantage: Red Sox

10) Team Pitching Strikeouts per Nine Innings

The ’21 pitching staff managed to accomplish earning the fourth highest total number of strikeouts in Houston’s 60-year franchise history. However, the ball club only struck out opposing batters at a 9.07 per game clip.

Meanwhile, Boston’s hurlers bested the Astros in strike out efficiency, averaging 9.68 K’s per game. So while Houston’s pitching staff outcompeted Boston’s in the ERA department, Boston has the strike out efficiency advantage going into the ALCS.

Advantage: Red Sox

2021 ALCS Prediction

While these ten categories do not reflect every conceivable statistic, several findings appear especially relevant. In this list, Houston edges out Boston in six out of 10 key areas. Look for a close series featuring passion, parody, mental toughness, and tension. Prediction—Houston takes it in six games and advances to the 2021 World Series.

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