Astros: Tyler Ivey returns to mound for first time since his debut

(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
(Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

On Friday, the Houston Astros sent right-handed pitcher Tyler Ivey on a rehab assignment to the FCL Astros. The 25-year-old told Climbing Tal’s Hill that he was anticipating a late-season return to baseball close to a month ago.

Now, Ivey will return to live action for the first time since his major-league debut on May 21 of this season. The right-hander worked four plus innings, allowing four runs on six hits, as the hurler left the mound with a huge grin and his family roaring in the stands.

With Tyler Ivey on a rehab assignment, will the right-hander return to the Astros this season?

While on the 60-day injured list and being out for over three months, Ivey’s return to the Astros might not be that easy. The right-hander’s only major-league appearance was in a spot start, as he is at disposal in case a starting pitcher falls to the injured list for an extended stay.

A 30-day rehab assignment could hold him in the minor leagues for the remainder of the regular season, which seems to be the case for Ivey. The right-hander would likely climb through the system like we have seen with other 60-day IL pitchers this season, as they move on to Low-A Fayetteville and then returning to Triple-A Sugar Land or going straight to the Skeeters with the minor-league season ending soon.

"“[I’m] just thankful that the process has gone smoothly so far and hope to have a healthy and successful 2022,” Ivey said."

From this, Ivey might not be impacting the active roster to end the season, as a full rehab assignment would mightily benefit the right-hander in the long run. A return in 2022 would likely open new doors for Ivey as a reliever and rotational depth at the major-league level.

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