Astros: Current, former players Hall of Fame chances

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Now that the disappointing 2021 Hall of Fame results are behind us, it’s always fun to look forward to future possibilities. recently made a list of 40 active players who are future Hall of Famers, and there are a few Houston Astros on that list. How accurate is that, and are there any players they missed?

Which active current and former Houston Astros will make it to the Hall of Fame?

It’ll be a while before we earnestly have these debates, of course, and there are more cases to be decided before then. Former Astros closer Billy Wagner, for one, seems to be making significant progress and should hopefully end up in Cooperstown. I’m still of the opinion that Lance Berkman should have at least gotten a longer look than he did, but that horse has since left the barn.

Both of those players, if they did end up in the Hall, would likely have worn Astros caps on their plaques. Thus far, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell are the only ones to do that. So that’s something else to consider with respect to the active players — will they go in as Astros, or will they represent another team?

Of course it’s difficult to predict such things, especially with the voters being perfectly willing to leave out worthy candidates based on illogical reasons or their own personal biases. Hopefully that will improve in the coming years, though I’m not optimistic. Regardless, here’s my best attempt at looking at these active players’ chances.

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