Astros: Marwin Gonzalez latest former player to apologize for sign-stealing

Former Astros utility player Marwin Gonzalez is the latest member of the 2017 team to publicly apologize for their involvement in the sign-stealing scandal.

Marwin Gonzalez, an Astros fan favorite, addressed reporters today as the Minnesota Twins gathered in Florida to begin their spring training. This was his first public statement on the sign-stealing saga and the first hitter from the 2017 team to make any kind of apology.

He lamented his role in the cheating scandal and expressed how sorry he was for any involvement. “I’m remorseful for everything that happened in 2017.” via Katherine Acquavella of CBS Sports. Gonzalez added that there’s no way to know whether or not the sign-stealing helped them win the World Series Title.

Gonzalez, coincidence or not, had by far the best season of his career that year. He slashed .303/.377/.530 with a 146 OPS+. That OPS+ is a full 37 points higher than any other season in his eight years in the Major Leagues.

Dallas Keuchel was the first player from the 2017 squad to issue an apology. He spoke up at a White Sox convention for fans back on January 24th. He declined to go into detail but stated, “Was it against the rules? Yes, it was, and I personally am sorry for what’s come about the whole situation.” per the USAToday.

Last week at a Tampa Bay fanfest, Charlie Morton said that he regretted not doing more to try and stop it, adding that it might have been difficult for him to do so. He also admitted that it was bad for baseball and felt sorry for his role in it. “Because what’s wrong is wrong,” Morton told the Tampa Bay Times. “And I’ll never be absolved of that.

Just recently Joe Musgrove pointed out that this type of thing happens all of the time throughout the League. That, “Everyone is trying to get an advantage somewhere.”

Then, there was the interview of AJ Hinch by MLB TV. He apologized to the League, coaches, players, and fans for his part in it and regretted not doing more to put the sign-stealing scheme to an end. He was aware of what was happening and simply admitted he didn’t do enough as a leader of the team.

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I keep hearing over and over again about fans and players wondering why none of the current Astros players haven’t come forward and apologized. Owner Jim Crane has said that when the players are assembled in Florida for spring training they would make an official apology. Patience everyone, it is coming, and soon.




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