Astros: Alex Cora and the Red Sox enter into the sign stealing saga

Former Astros bench coach and current Red Sox manager, Alex Cora, is on the hot seat as sign-stealing accusations in the MLB widen.

The Houston Astros have been under the microscope as the investigation for stealing signs continues. It has been widely thought that this has been an issue MLB wide and that is starting to prove true. It has now been reported that the Boston Red Sox were stealing signs during the 2018 season, while under the management of Alex Cora.

When replay reviews were introduced into the Majors in 2014, video replay rooms were installed in stadiums. The purpose was to give managers a source to utilize in aiding their decisions on whether plays should be reviewed or not. Apparently, the Red Sox used these replay rooms to steal signs from the catchers.

Alex Cora seems to be a common denominator here. The Astros are under investigation for stealing signs in 2017, the year they won the World Series and Cora was their bench coach. Now the Boston Red Sox allegedly stole signs in 2018, the year they won the World Series and Cora was the manager.

Although the Red Sox employed a different method than what the Astros are charged with using, it is nonetheless stealing signs electronically. With these replay rooms in all of the stadiums across the league, how can one possibly believe that Boston was the only team guilty of using them in the same manner?

MLB’s investigation into the Astros is still ongoing but is said to be coming to an end soon. According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, commissioner Rob Manfred will be handing out punishments within the next two weeks. It is reported that players will be spared any discipline, that front office personnel and members of the coaching staff will be the ones to suffer the consequences.

I have stated previously that I fear the Astros are going to be made the scapegoats in what is most assuredly an MLB wide issue, and they will be used to make an example of. I also can’t help but think, that this offseason and the pursuit of free agents haven’t been affected by all of the rumors and accusations.

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I just can’t wait until this is all behind us and the Astros, which I’m sure will be under tight scrutiny, will show the world in 2020 that they can win it all again due to their sheer talent, heart, and dedication and nothing else.

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