Astros: The Miley Chronicles Vol. 12, Wade Miley and the Famous Guys

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Since we last spoke the Astros had their struggles on a long road trip, only to return home and get back to winning. Wade Miley went 5-0 in that stretch.

Before we look at Wade Miley,  I want to thank A.J. Hinch for coining the phrase I so gladly use in my title, which now appears in the Astros Team Store at Minute Maid Park and is also available at (Not an official endorsement, maybe I’ll get a shirt out of it?)

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In Wade Miley’s last 12 starts he is 7-0, an impressive number and a total of 128 strikeouts, his career-high for a season is 183. While he may not reach that total, I think he would take the wins over the strikeouts. The season he struck out 183, his record was 8-12 in part due to the lineup that surrounded him in Arizona.

How things have changed, and to quote Michael Scott of Dunder Mifflin “Oh how the turn, tables.” The fortune of Miley and the value he brings to this club is nothing short of phenomenal.

Some other numbers that really make his 13 wins pop. Miley has a .262 BABIP (Batting Avg. on Balls in Play), the lowest in his career and ranks 8th in the Major Leagues. His 80 LOB% and 3.13 ERA both rank 15th among all pitchers, even his 13 wins puts him in the top 15 (as of Aug 25).

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Wade Miley continues to impress and deal, the job of the pitcher is to throw strikes and he does that well. Look for him to continue his push through September and into October. Being a key part to another deep, deep playoff run by Wade Miley and the Famous Guys.