Astros: Top 10 non-prospects that surprised with big impacts

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MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN – APRIL 10: Jose Altuve #27 of Houston Astros rests his hat and glove in the dugout before the game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park on April 10, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Over the course of the last two decades, the Houston Astros have seen their fair share of Rookie Busts, however, there have been more than enough surprises.

In a week that is quickly becoming “Rookie Week”, the Houston Astros have made the call to their minors and asked big things of some pretty unknown prospects. Both Jack Mayfield and Garrett Stubbs have stepped up and answered the call in a major way.

Mayfield, on his first at-bat, blasted an RBI double off veteran Cole Hamels, helping the Astros stay ahead and take the first game of the series from Chicago. The next day, Stubb

s doubles in his first at-bat, and (literally) reaches down and bloops a game-tying single past a diving Addison Russel.

Many Astros fans probably knew of Garrett Stubbs, many maybe didn’t. Very few, if any, had the eloquently nick-named Super-Jack on their radar. If you did, then I give you 100 internet points for the day. Use them wisely.

This got me thinking though, how many non-top-prospect players have been called up, made the most of their time in the majors, and carved out an impactful tenure with the Astros? I did some research and comprised a list of Astros players that never made the Top 100 (as far as MLB prospects) and did just that.

Rules for this list:

  1. Players were never in the MLB Top 100 Prospects List.
  2. Spent a majority of their tenure with the Astros (50%+ of their MLB career).
  3. Were drafted or signed by the Astros.
  4. Were prospects when acquired by the Astros and were called up by Astros first.
  5. Info is taken from BaseballCube, so take it up with them if you feel this is a little off based.

But first, before we get started, a serious heartfelt congratulations to Super-Jack. Nine years grinding in the minors and never giving up, you seriously have a fan in me. Congratulations also to Stubbs, from celebrating your 26th birthday by getting the best call of your life. If you don’t think baseball is a beautiful game, please refer to the following interviews.

I see ya’ll have some onions near you, or maybe your just allergic to my cats. I get it, here’s a tissue. Now that you are cleaned up, let’s proceed with the list.

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