Astros: A prolonged culture of winning is key to success

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As Houston Sports and Astros fans, dating all the way back to 1960 when the Oilers were founded, we’ve craved one thing, the goal of winning a championship.

Ever since most of us were children, we’ve dreamed, prayed, and begged anyone and everyone for just one thing. Having the pride in our hearts and minds of being able to exclaim, “My team is the best.” Along the way, some of our favorite organizations like the Astros have found that glory, that once in a lifetime opportunity to hold up that trophy.

Our Houston Astros finally experienced that feeling in 2017, after fifty-five arduous years of waiting. However, one thing has essentially eluded our hometown heroes, even in the midst of being on top of the mountain. A prolonged winning culture.

But what exactly is a winning culture?

The easiest definition for that particular question would be explained best by pointing a few fingers at teams who have exemplified the phrase. The New York Yankees. The Golden State Warriors. The St. Louis Cardinals. The New England Patriots. All of these teams exhibit a personality trait, if you will, that other teams do not. To quote a Houston Astros legend, Morgan Ensberg, “Winners win.”

But winning can’t be all it is, right?  

While winning is essential to creating that culture of constantly being at the top of the league, how do we get there? How do teams position themselves to be among the best every year?