Astros: Shortstop Carlos Correa wins his arbitration case

WEST PALM BEACH, FL - FEBRUARY 21: Carlos Correa /

In the first arbitration case of the offseason for the Houston Astros, shortstop Carlos Correa came out on top as the winner.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, Carlos Correa won his arbitration case with the Houston Astros. The hearing actually took place on Jan. 31, but the result was held back until today to keep it from influencing another case to be heard.

Correa filed a salary of $5 million while the Houston Astros’ front office filed $4.25 million. With that small of a difference, you would hope that an agreement could’ve been made with the Astros to show good faith and maintain a working relationship. But fortunately, according to Correa, the hearing went well and there were no hard feelings. “It was smooth.They didn’t say anything bad. They were very professional. I was taking notes. I was involved.” Correa said.

The 24-year-old shortstop had the worst season of his four-year career last year and I’m sure the Astros’ thought that might work in their favor. That down season may have been the result of Correa playing most of the year with back and side pain and a deviated septum. All of these issues apparently effected his sleep and performance on the field. He’s had surgery to repair the Deviated septum and he states he’s completely pain free.

The top eight shortstops in the league all have salaries that exceed $10 million and the $5 million salary that Correa’s team filed places him tied with Trevor Story for 11th in the league for salaries. When looking at his career numbers and comparing him to other shortstops and their salaries, the three-person panel obviously decided in Correa’s favor.

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With Correa’s arbitration case now decided and Chris Devenski and the Astros coming to an agreement on a one-year deal, the only case left to settle now is Gerrit Cole‘s. Cole has asked for $13.5 million and the Astros filed $ 11.425 million, a much larger difference than Correa’s case. Hopefully, that hearing will go as smooth as this one went, or better yet, come to an agreement on a long term deal.