What’s on the Houston Astros’ wish list for Santa Claus?

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I hope everyone got what they wished for under the tree this year. If the Astros GM Jeff Luhnow sent a wish list to Santa, I wonder what would be on it?

Every year, children all across the globe send their letters to Santa Claus, listing what they hope will be left under the tree on Christmas morning. Others line up anxiously to sit on his lap and tell him in person. I won’t hazard a guess what Jeff Luhnow does, but I would love to see the list of what he would want for the Astros from Santa.

Maybe the first item on the list would be a really big gift, like a Bryce Harper or a T. J. Realmuto. That big bat that would make the Astros’ lineup one of the most feared in all of baseball. But then again, he might be afraid that would be too much to ask. You know, when you wanted that very expensive bike or gaming system, but you were afraid if you got that, then you wouldn’t get much of anything else.

He could have requested one of those quality pitchers you see on the market. You know what I’m talking about, a Corey Kluber or a Noah Syndergaard. A pitcher that would fit in just fine behind Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole in the starting rotation. But to get that present, he may have to give up some of the gifts he already had and played with, and probably a few of his newer toys that he hasn’t had a chance to use yet.

Luhnow might have had an experienced relief pitcher on the wish list. One of his got broken and another one is going to be used with his other starting pitchers. So a shiny new left-handed reliever to keep his toy chest of relievers full would be a nice addition.

He possibly could have had an extra batter on the list also. Not one that’s too expensive or one he would have to trade much to get. One of those batters that could fill in off the bench or be used as a designated hitter from time to time. A player that you see in the free agent stores.

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Well, whatever he asked Santa for, let’s certainly hope it was under his tree this morning. But seriously, just wanted to take this time to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season and a Happy New Year, from climbingtalshill.com.