Astros: Are We All Overthinking This “Slump”?

HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 15: Jake Marisnick
HOUSTON, TX - APRIL 15: Jake Marisnick /

After a lack of offense by the Astros in the Yankees series, a lot of questions are pooping up about hitters, call ups and the overall approach at the plate. My question to everyone is, are we over thinking this?

The Astros are perceived to be in a slump.

You want proof? Well, here you go.

Of course, this tweet was before their late offensive outburst before the bullpen blew the game on Thursday.

One possible solution that I am sure many fans are mulling is the possibility of calling up the top minor league talent in the organization.

Hold on for a second!

First of all, Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez should continue to develop.. As talented as they are, they have yet to develop to major league level action.

Tucker showed us how easy he can power baseballs out of the park, but he is still learning. He is currently posting a .277 batting average, with nine doubles and two homers. He carries a .777 OPS and has 24 strikeouts.

Alvarez is boasting a .303 average in Double-A Corpus Christi, with an .967 OPS. He’s hit six home runs and six doubles. Their potential is tremendous, but they have much to learn before the call up.

Relying on analytics too much?

Geoff Blum made a great comment about the Astros analytical work, and perhaps they are overdoing the math, so to speak. Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. When the bats go quiet, it’s important to fall back on the basics. They should focus on driving the baseball and making it a habit to hit the ball squarely. Launch angle and exit velocity only matter when you make solid contact.

The Astros hitters are facing much more off-speed pitches this season. This should come as no surprise, because they feast on the heat. They should sit on these breaking balls, and work to get more fastballs in their plate appearances.

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Just play baseball!

The most important thing to remember is that this team is still in prime place to win plenty of games and repeat as champions. The best thing for these players is to fall back into playing the game, and let their natural talent propel them to success.

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