Astros should not trade starting pitching depth to the Giants

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 27: Brad Peacock
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 27: Brad Peacock /

The Houston Astros have built themselves a cushion in case they have some injuries in the starting rotation.

On last night’s Talking Stros, we discussed the importance of having depth on the Astros roster. If there were an injury of a starting pitcher, Collin McHugh would probably get the first shot. There are also some options which will be in the Triple-A rotation.

We have seen some encouraging signs for young starters this spring. We have not seen Forrest Whitley this spring because of the suspension. His future is in the rotation, but others have impressed the team. Rogelio Armenteros and David Paulino showed signs of helping this year. Martes is still trying to stick in the big leagues.

McHugh is the x-factor for this team. As we discussed on the show, there are no garbage time relievers on the roster. McHugh and Brad Peacock can come in a shut down a rally, but they can also pitch multiple innings. With the addition of Gerrit Cole, the rotation could be one of the best in baseball. Keeping Peacock in the bullpen strengthens it as well because he was lights out last year.

McHugh missed the first part of the season last year with dead arm symptoms. When he came back, he pitched well, but was placed in the bullpen during the playoffs. They only needed four starters, and McHugh succeeded in that role in the World Series. Now, Peacock and McHugh provide the depth in the rotation that an elite team needs. But, other teams are looking for starting pitchers right now.

Don’t trade away a position of strength.

Yesterday, Jon Morosi tweeted that the Astros could be a potential trade partner for the Giants. They just recently lost Madison Bumgarner for eight weeks and Jeff Samardzija is hurt as well. Johnny Cueto is coming off a down season. They could use some help, but why would the Astros weaken their team?

We all know that Jeff Luhnow would like to add more prospects, but the Astros are in a 3-5-year window of winning. They are trying to win now and later, but mostly now. Where would the 2017 team be without Mike Fiers and his great stretch when Dallas Keuchel was on the DL?

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Let’s not go too much deeper into this discussion, because I don’t think it’s a option now. There are very few holes on this roster. Maybe later on you can upgrade another position, but why give up your position of strength? I’m moving on from this topic, good luck Giants. It’s a no for me.

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