Astros: Three Players Trending Down – Spring Training


Earlier this morning, this author discussed the three Astros who are trending up following the first eight games of spring training.

Like I previously remarked in my earlier post, spring training statistics do not matter for the most part. There are exceptions, though. These exceptions could allow one to determine who can be a break out waiting to happen. Or, maybe a letdown.

The Astros, like all teams, are not immune to players not performing well. It wouldn’t be baseball if struggles didn’t occur.

A.J. Reed

Regarding Reed’s case, it is reasonable to invoke the small sample size argument. Honestly, you can invoke this train of reasoning in any players circumstances this time of the year. That said, Reed has a lot to prove. While his minor league numbers are solid and respectable, he hasn’t experienced much success in the majors.

This year, though, is meant to be different. Reed has shown up to camp in better shape than he has in the past. Of course, the same is said of Matt Kemp in recent years.

Thus far, Reed has not shown the signs of a hitter ready to take his next hack at the majors.

The former top prospect has struck out six times in spring training. J.D. Davis and Tyler White, Reed’s primary competition in camp, has been more effective in the early going. It’s still way too early to write off Reed, yet he will have to turn the ship around soon.

James Hoyt

Already on the outside looking in for a bullpen role, Hoyt essentially needed a spotless spring training. Unfortunately for Hoyt, he likely damaged his chances with a rough first outing when he allowed four runs on four hits against the Marlins.

If there is a silver lining for Hoyt, its the fact that his rough outing was his first of the year. Teams realize that one miserable appearance doesn’t mean everything is terrible. It could be just a blip on the radar. Will Harris had a similar outing in his first appearance, too.

At the same time, the stakes for Hoyt are higher right now with less room for error. To his benefit, he didn’t allow a run in his second outing. There is just no room for him right now without an unforeseen development.

Hector Rondon

Rondon, in conjunction with Joe Smith, were two of the notable bullpen additions in the offseason. Alas, Rondon’s spring debut as an Astro did not go well.

Four runs in all were allowed by Rondon. The worst part? The outing came on Rondon’s 30th birthday. Ouch. Not a great way to remember a milestone birthday.

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We have yet to see Rondon back in action following his Astros debut on February 26th. Today is March 2nd. The odds are that we will likely see Rondon in work again shortly. Like I previously remarked about Reed and Hoyt, it’s still too early to write off Rondon. Unless he completely implodes in camp, he will make the Opening Day roster.

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