Astros: Joe Espada is the bench coach, not Carlos Beltran

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 16: Carlos Correa
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 16: Carlos Correa /

The Astros have a new bench coach already in Joe Espada.

When I wrote my article about Carlos Beltran contemplating his future, I was surprised by some of the responses. Many people kept saying that he should be the Astros new bench coach. While there has been so much going on after the Astros won their first World Series, something has gotten lost in translation.

Alex Cora, who I believe the Astros will miss more than we know, is now the Red Sox manager. We knew that he was just a rental because his resume screamed manager. It was only a matter of time before he got a big-time job. I think Cora will be missed not only with coaching but with his baseball instincts.

Cora out and Espada in.

Knowing that Cora had one foot out the door, the Astros moved quickly to replace him. They did so too quickly that most people aren’t aware that we have a new bench coach. On November 2nd, the Astros hired 42-year-old Joe Espada from the Yankees. Like Cora before him, Espada is a coach in waiting and from Puerto Rico. Espada has been the Yankees third base coach for the past two seasons.

Espada was considered a candidate to take over as the Yankees manager, but he decided to come to Houston instead. You may see this trend a lot where players and coaches will jump at any chance to join the Astros. This team is set to not only win in 2018 but also for the foreseeable future. This young core is under team control, with Dallas Keuchel and Marwin Gonzalez being the first players to hit the free agent market.

Espada, not Beltran.

The opportunity to work under A.J. Hinch was too much to pass for Espada. He has coached team Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic. Espada will get a better chance to show off his managerial skills as Hinch’s right-hand man. Could Beltran be part of this coaching staff? Maybe, but not as the bench coach.

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Beltran will decide what his future holds for him over the next week. The Astros will probably offer Beltran some role on the team for 2018 or in the future. If Alex Rodriguez does become the Yankees manager, Beltran could go to New York with him. Looking forward to Espada’s tenure with the Astros and Beltran helping win it all.

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