Astros: Jose Altuve wins AL Outstanding Player and MLB Player of the Year

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Jose Altuve
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 14: Jose Altuve /

The awards keep coming for the 2017 World Series champion Astros and their players.

The Astros have plenty of good players. Really good players, in fact. These really good players are the reason why they can brag about winning the 2017 World Series this offseason.

And these really good players are rightly being recognized.

In case you missed the news, Astros’ second baseman Jose Altuve was recently named the 2017 AL Outstanding Player of the Year and the MLB Player of the Year.

The year of 2017 is the year of triumph for Houston’s second baseman. After claiming the Hank Aaron Award on October 27th, he helped the Astros win their first World Series in franchise history. Once again, Altuve was voted by his peers as Player of the Year in both the American League, and MLB.

By The Numbers

First of all, Altuve produced in similar fashion to his 2016 season, which he finished 3rd in the AL MVP voting. In 153 games, he posted a .346 batting average, with 204 hits. Of those hits, 41 were extra-base hits and 24 were home runs. He had 32 stolen bases while generating a .547 slugging percentage and a .957 OPS. Altuve also posted an 8.3 WAR, the highest of his career.

By The Play

Secondly, Jose Altuve exemplifies baseball. He forces opponents to play baseball. He forcing a pitcher to throw quality pitches. His ability to steal bases doesn’t allow defenses to settle in on the hitter. He is a great defensive player who, in many ways, is worthy of Gold Glove consideration. In this new era of home runs, launch angles and exit velocity, Altuve transcends the trend. He plays the game in its entirety, and reminds us what baseball has always been.

The Silver Lining

Finally, The 27-year-old continues to defy the odds against him. No matter his size, strength or ability, he plays with his heart. He instills hope for players of all ages and sizes. The way he plays the game is what matters to us. He gets on base, plays fundamental baseball and loves winning. What better way to inspire a young player?

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Most importantly, Jose Altuve is being recognized for how great a baseball player he is, and how great he is for the game of baseball.

***Statistics and data courtesy of Baseball Reference***