Astros: Altuve, Springer, and Bregman appear on SNL

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 03: Houston Mayor Sylvestor Turner lifts up the Championship Trophy as Carlos Correa
HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 03: Houston Mayor Sylvestor Turner lifts up the Championship Trophy as Carlos Correa /

Astros on SNL!

The Astros players have been seen on highlight reals outside of Houston, but not many other places. Now that the Astros have won the World Series, people know who they are. The Houston squad is a very likable bunch with tons of passion. Now, some of the players are doing a victory tour.

Jose Altuve went on the Jimmy Fallon show.  George Springer, Altuve, and Carlos Correa and thousands of Astros fans went to Disney World. They rode the rides, and they were in a parade with Mickey Mouse and crew.

Last night, Alex Bregman joined Altuve and Springer on the set of Saturday Night Live. While it’s not the SNL of old with Bill Murray, Adam Sandler, or Mike Myers, it’s still a popular show. After spending the day at Disney World, you would think they didn’t have too much time to rehearse for a skit.

Luckily, they didn’t talk too much.

Leslie Jones did most of the talking for them. The skit begins with Jones and he co-anchor Collin talking about how big a Yankees fans she was. After talking about how hot Didi Gregorius and Gary Sanchez were, Collin asked if she was disappointed when the Astros eliminated them.

She exclaimed that it sucked to be one game away from the World Series. But it sucked to lose to Altuve who’s bat is bigger than him. She makes fun of Springer’s name, and then you see the Astros come from the right.

The skit. The script from the video posted here.

Springer: “We already know that you don’t actually watch baseball. We wanted to give you a gift today.”

Jones: “You can give me anything you want!”

Bregman: “A little Astros swag so you can hop on the bandwagon too.” (Hands her a jersey)

Altuve: “Hope you like it.” (As he hands her a baseball.)

Jones: “I like balls!” (As Springer hands her a hat)

Everyone is an Astros fan now.

There is not much that happens from there, besides Jones exclaiming that she loved watching the Astros win. After Collin told her that’s not what she said earlier. Jones said, “I know what I said, but these guys are fine.”

She also had Altuve sit in her lap and said that good things do come in little packages. That was the conclusion of the skit. The skit was symbolic of the Astros season. There have been many fans who had gained a new respect for the Astros when they came to town.

These guys are funny as well, so you would have liked them to have more of a speaking part. They missed the opportunity to have Altuve sing Backstreet Boys songs. Springer could have done the goofy things he does, and Bregman could have done a DM skit or talk about wheel-barrels.

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This core of players has many more seasons of championship aspirations. It would be great to see these guys become more well known outside of Houston. This is a passionate group of players, not a one-hit wonder.

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