Astros somehow pull off an improbable Game 5 victory

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 29: Alex Bregman
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 29: Alex Bregman /

Where to begin about the Astros’ incredible Game 5 victory in the 2017 World Series?

Have you ever witnessed something so improbable, so spectacular, that you can’t come up with the words to do it justice? Well, that’s how I feel writing about the Astros’ incredible Game 5 win over the Dodgers.

I’ll be honest with you as I was not expecting an Astros’ victory with Clayton Kershaw starting for the Dodgers. Kershaw has rightfully been considered one of the best pitchers of his generation. He made the Astros’ bats look silly in Game 1. Following Alex Wood’s quiet domination on Saturday night, I wasn’t optimistic about Houston’s chances on Sunday night.

But I was wrong! 13-12! Home runs left and right. Nerve wracking pitching. Wow. I’m still on a high following this one.

Sorry, I lost my composure there for a moment.

Anyway, baseball is capable of crazy things. For example, I always think back to the 2011 World Series and David Freese’s heroics for the Cardinals. More recently, you have to think of the wild Game 7 of the 2016 World Series between the Cubs and Indians. Time and time again, baseball will provide you with something never seen before. You just hope it’s your team being the beneficiary of such good fortune.

Of course, the Astros are quite fortunate to have the players that were responsible for this incredible Game 5.

For example, Jose Altuve’s improbable story of not only making a major league roster, but being signed in the first place is inspiring. George Springer is on the team because the Astros couldn’t win games earlier in the decade. Carlos Correa is a byproduct of the extreme rebuild. Alex Bregman is arguably in Houston today because of a bitter contract negotiation between former first overall pick, Brady Aiken, and the Astros a few summers ago. Once Aiken didn’t sign, the Astros received the second-overall pick in the next year’s MLB Draft as compensation. That pick turned into Bregman, one of the many heroes in Game 5 for the Astros. And the list goes on.

Quick reminder: 13-12! What a game!

I will remain calm, now.

This Game 5 win now sets the stage for Game 6 this Tuesday in Los Angeles. And the Astros are sending Justin Verlander to the mound to start. You have to feel good about that from Houston’s perspective. But I must caution that a victory isn’t guaranteed. I thought the same with Kershaw for the Dodgers. I’m sure most people did.

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But victories aren’t guaranteed in baseball, no matter whom is on the mound. The Astros still have to show up and play hard like they’ve done all year long. Only then they will become the champions of Major League Baseball for the first time.