Astros: Five heroes from Game 2 of the World Series

LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 25: Marwin Gonzalez
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 25: Marwin Gonzalez /

Heroes can come in all shape in sizes for the Astros.

Game 2 of the 2017 World Series will live in infamy. The 7-6 outcome in favor of Houston ensured a place in Astros’ lore. This was simply a game for the ages.

The game of the ages though doesn’t happen without baseball heroes. After all, players had to step up for the victory to be possible. Most teams don’t fall backwards into a World Series win.

Hero #1: Justin Verlander

Before you question why I have Justin Verlander on this list, please remember that he surrendered just two hits and two walks. The hits were home runs, sure. And left the game with a 3-1 deficit after six innings and in line for his first loss an Astro.

But Verlander provided six quality innings and kept the score close. While a 3-1 deficit is never good against a team as talented as the Dodgers, I’m just asking that we don’t lump Houston’s offensive letdown over the first six innings on Verlander. If a starting pitcher can give you six solid innings while allowing just three runs in the World Series, you may want to take it.

Plus, you have to consider the impact Verlander had off-the-field.

A quality veteran move by a quality veteran pitcher. When the Astros acquired Verlander on August 31st, they weren’t just hoping for on-field success. They wanted his leadership and experience off-the-field as well. In this case, the dugout. While Verlander didn’t hit any of the late-inning home runs himself, he made sure that his teammates knew he was there rooting them on.

Hero #2: Alex Bregman

There simply wouldn’t be anything to cheer about if it wasn’t for Alex Bregman. The 23-year old third baseman provided key moment after key moment in the postseason. His bat and glove have definitely made an impact that will last in people’s minds for years to come. And Bregman didn’t disappoint in Game 2 of the World Series.

The hit, in particular, was Bregman’s double in the eighth inning. Carlos Correa would drive him in with a base hit and the Astros’ comeback was in the works. Bregman’s double was the hit that the Astros desperately needed. Without his double, it is rather doubtful Houston would’ve mounted the comeback they did.

You also cannot forget about his RBI single, which could’ve been more of it wasn’t for Chris Taylor’s bill on his cap!

Baseball is crazy. Just crazy.

Hero #3: Marwin Gonzalez

Bregman’s double in the eighth was the hit that the Astros desperately needed. But Marwin Gonzalez’s game-tying home run in the ninth inning off Kenley Jensen was the run that Houston desperately needed.

Jensen, the Dodgers’ closer, is known for throwing cutters. Really good ones, in fact. But he left this one at 94.4 MPH down the middle for Gonzalez and the rest is history. If it wasn’t for this dinger, well, the Astros may very well be staring down a 0-2 World Series deficit.

Hero #4: The Bash Bros.

While the nickname is definitely not original, you can’t deny that Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa enjoy bashing opposing pitchers and their offerings. Their back-to-back solo home runs in the tenth inning gave Houston additional hope that a Game 2 victory was within reach.

Unfortunately, Ken Giles would later cough up the lead in the bottom of the tenth inning. But this would pave the way for more heroics in the eleventh inning.

Hero #5: George Springer

After Giles blew the save in the previous inning, the Astros needed a bit more firepower from their bats. First, Cameron Maybin made his way on to the first base courtesy by of a single then stole second. This created additional pressure on the Dodgers, so, good for Maybin. Plus, we got free tacos. Unfortunately, they were Taco Bell tacos. Anyway, a base hit was all that was needed to drive Maybin in for the go-ahead run.

Well, George Springer decided to do something even better.

Springer’s home run not only gave the Astros a lead, but provided another run for insurance purposes. This extra run came in handy in the bottom half of the inning.

Needless to say, Springer’s home run now ranks high on the Astros’ all-time list. It’s probably number one and it should be.

Honorable mention: Craig Bjornson and Laz Diaz

Hey, we got to see Astros bullpen coach Craig Bjornson help subdue a guy trying to go after a security guard in the team’s bullpen. So, that’s pretty rad.

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And you also had second base umpire, Laz Diaz, help stop an errant throw by Chris Devenski that could’ve come sunk the Astros.

Laz, if you ever come to Houston, you can have one of my free tacos courtesy of Maybin’s stolen base. I hope you like Taco Bell.

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