Astros: The Justin Verlander Saga Continues

ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 15: Justin Verlander
ARLINGTON, TX - AUGUST 15: Justin Verlander /

August 31st is a busy day for the Astros in numerous ways.

Once again, the Astros are “talking” with the Tigers about a Justin Verlander trade. Nothing has come from these talks.

However, the Astros need to make the move by midnight tonight for Verlander to be eligible for postseason play.

A Much Needed Spark

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houston is working hard to rebuild. As for the Astros, the past week has been rough. Although the games continue now, their hearts weigh heavy with what’s happening at home. Players are focused on other things, which is beyond understandable. Adding Justin Verlander can change all of that. Players and fans will know the front office is all-in for winning. With a team and a city looking for hope, adding him would certainly light things up.

Verlander is Peaking

The right-hander has plenty of game to win in the postseason. He adds fire to any rotation. Opposing teams cannot take him for granted. With this all in mind, imagine Verlander in the Astros rotation. First, he is a mentor to the younger players, a veteran presence in postseason starts and is straight filthy on the mound. Second, he’s also missing one piece of hardware that matters most to the best competitors, that’s a championship.

Verlander adds Depth

A rotation consisting of Justin Verlander, Dallas Keuchel, Collin McHugh and Charlie Morton is dangerous. Not only that, you can move Brad Peacock back to the bullpen, and be patient with Lance McCullers, Jr.. The Astros are plagued with injury concerns for their pitching staff. All in all, him gives you room to breathe and quality starts.

How can you not be romantic about baseball? Houston is looking for hope. The Astros need a spark to regain momentum. The Astros front office answers the call of the players and fans by adding Justin Verlander.

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Better yet, you give hope to everyone for that championship. Although the relief efforts are most important, a championship changes this city forever. The narrative is too compelling to pass up.