Astros injury update: The reinforcements are on the way

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 18: George Springer
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 18: George Springer /

As the Astros jump into a seven-game road trip, there were a few positive developments in terms of player health.

Like their fellow competitors, the Astros have experienced a rash injuries at inopportune times this season. Such is life and baseball.

Alas, I come bearing good news!

Well, I’m more akin to a messenger than the actual bringer.

Regardless of my role, here is an update about All-Star outfielder George Springer. This is courtesy of the fingertips of Jake Kaplan from the Houston Chronicle.

That’s encouraging, right?

Anyway, the Astros’ offense since Springer’s’ absence from July 24th through yesterday has looked as such.

.294/.341/.506, 126 wRC+, 6.9% BB%, 17.0% K%, .321 BABIP in 507 PA

To no surprise, the Astros’ lineup is still scary without Springer. Just imagine the potency of the offense when he returns next week?

Next on the list is Lance McCullers, the Astros’ starting pitcher. And there was a bit of positive news yesterday.

Sure, McCullers is only playing catch and throwing a ball. But I take that as a positive development. Baby steps, people.

Then we have Will Harris. He was the guy who has been on the DL twice since early July. Without actually throwing a pitch in the majors in between the two stints. Yeah, the past month or so hasn’t been kind to him.

Hopefully yesterday’s throwing session is something good to build upon.

Maybe he will see some game action during the next week or so.

Unfortunately, I cannot have all positive news on the Astros and their collective players’ health. Life doesn’t work that way. Evan Gattis can likely attest to that.

There is no telling how long Gattis will truly be out. Concussions, especially in today’s age, are rightly treated with caution.

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The Astros currently possess the best record in the AL. They are fortunate to have the luxury to take it slow with their ailing players.

**Statistics courtesy of Fangraphs**