Astros: Let’s Get Down to Business

HOUSTON, TX - JULY 01: Yuli Gurriel
HOUSTON, TX - JULY 01: Yuli Gurriel /

It’s been all fun and games for the Astros this season after setting an unprecedented pace before the All-Star Break. However, now is the time to settle in and focus on the task at hand – Win the World Series

The Astros have dropped three straight games since the All-Star Break. Although a law of averages comes into play for all of baseball, this is not expected. Last night’s loss hurt the most with Collin McHugh posting another great start.

All in all, the team has not looked the same. They are not taking care of business on the field. But, there are a few things that need to happen for this team to return to their winning ways.

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Let It Go

The trade deadline came, and it went. Unless something bizarre happens with waiver acquisitions, we have our team. Nonetheless, this team is great. We have a former Cy Young winner followed by quality pitchers in the rotation. The bullpen has guys capable of closing out games. Our lineup is potent when healthy. However, none of this matters if we don’t look past what happened, and look towards what can happen.

Get Healthy

Carlos Correa, George Springer, and Lance McCullers Jr. remain injured. As much as we want to win now, winning later is also good. That being said, health is the primary concern for the team. It is one thing to make the playoffs. It’s another to win in the playoffs. With a 15 games lead in the division, the Astros have room to focus on the well-being of their players. No need to worry fans, this is necessary to win that championship.

Be Great

We have a young, dominant team. However, there is inexperience to postseason success. We have veteran players who are here to lead. Now is that time. It’s time to focus on the process. So when the moment comes, you will be ready.

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As much as we love to have fun, we cannot forget there is a lot at stake right now. This is a great team, so be great.

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