Astros’ Lance McCullers to appear on MLB Network’s “Play Ball”

HOUSTON, TX - JUNE 30: Lance McCullers Jr.
HOUSTON, TX - JUNE 30: Lance McCullers Jr. /

Not sure if you were watching today’s MLB Central on MLB Network, but they had a brief segment with Astros starter Lance McCullers and Eric Byrnes.

The young Astros pitcher is featured on this week’s “Play Ball” show on MLB Network. They featured a clip/preview of the show today featuring McCullers and Byrnes talking in the Astros bullpen.

The one difference, this appearance was animated.

The Youth Movement

Okay, it’s not animated, but their interaction is. The 23-year old is a phenom among a young list of major league players. Both his play and personality draws in a younger audience, but no one will object to youngsters emulating McCullers. His passion, presence and curveball are for everyone’s eyes tomorrow.

What To Expect

Byrnes goes all-access with the right-hander, listening and learning about what brought McCullers into the game. They talk about the players he looked up to, and how they influenced his play today. From a heart felt tribute to a dear friend from the Sunshine State, to how he approaches every game, McCullers shares with us what the game and life mean to him.

Byrnes and McCullers talk about the “Woo” factor of the new traditions coming to Houston, and his competitive spirit among fellows pitchers.  McCullers gives every young man a few words to keep in mind. Most importantly, we get to see him off the field, and more personable than ever.

The Curveball

Most importantly, he talks about the curve-ball. The pitch that wreaks havoc on opposing hitters. McCullers gives us a lesson on how he uses this weapon. Better yet, he tells us how he developed this pitch. He lets us know the ups and downs on the mound, and what he leans on. I’m sure every young ball player will want to know how he holds this infamous pitch.

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All in all, this a great introduction to one of the best young pitchers in the game. We see McCullers on the field all the time. However, this is a chance to meet the man behind that fiery attitude and wicked curve-ball.