Three numbers and rain delays cannot slow down the Astros

ATLANTA, GA - JULY 05: Left fielder Josh Reddick
ATLANTA, GA - JULY 05: Left fielder Josh Reddick /

We are quite fortunate the Astros have a retractable roof on their ballpark. It is one of life’s simple luxuries that we couldn’t live without now.

As you all know, the Astros home field since 1965 has featured a covered roof. First the Astrodome followed by Minute Maid Park. It is necessity in these parts.

Unless, well, you either want to sweat yourself out of existence or become a meal for the mosquitoes. Wait, this sounds like a bad science-fiction movie involving giant mosquitoes back in the early 2000’s. It is probably for the best I can’t remember the title.

Anyway, the Astros rarely deal with rain delays because of the home park design. On the other hand, this does not make them immune from rain delays on the road. Take the latest two-game series in Atlanta as a prime example.

And like the Braves pitching staff, the rain can do little to slow down the Astros offense.


The Astros hit totals in their last three games looks like this: 14, 19, 16. In case you haven’t noticed, Houston has won their last three games. Well, the team is technically on a four-game winning steak but you get the point.

Up and down the Astros lineup, there is usually a quality batter coming up. The Braves found out the hard way once again last night.

There were also hits recorded by Evan Gattis, Alex Bregman, Jake Marisnick and Nori Aoki.

When this offense is locked in at the plate, well, opposing teams better look out.


One key force behind the Astros offense this season is the extra-base hit. And it isn’t necessarily the home run.

Yes, you read the above tweet from Christian Boutwell of correctly; 42 consecutive games the Astros have recorded a double. I’m not sure about you, but I always enjoy the right kind of franchise history being made in the summer.


I think it is fair to say that Chris Devenski, reliever extraordinaire, is one of everyone’s favorite pitchers in baseball. Honestly, he should be going to All-Star Game as the team’s sixth representative. Seriously, his stuff is downright filthy.

The Astros better make sure to not let Devenski get away anytime soon. This guy is special when he is on the mound. Plus, his attitude towards the game is mightily refreshing.

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A reliever that loves to hit and does not use batting gloves?! I’m sorry, but Devenski is probably my favorite Astro today. No, wait, I am not sorry. Devenski is awesome and I hope it continues for a long time.

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